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Galeria zdjęć: Pielgrzymka Lotnicza 2023

Pojechaliśmy zobaczyć jedno z najbardziej niesamowitych wydarzeń lotniczych w Czechach. Właściwie nie tylko patrzeć. Po raz pierwszy mieliście okazję zobaczyć, dotknąć i przymierzyć na żywo odzież BORN TO FLY na naszym stoisku. Dziękuję wszystkim, którzy...

Red Bull and Jumeirah. How a small extremely powerful plane landed on the roof of a hotel

You probably also heard about how a plane landed on the roof of Dubai's Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel for the first time in history.

This is what the airports of the future look like. They were created by artificial intelligence

Have you ever wondered what airports will look like in the future? We asked ourselves this question. Actually, not only to myself. We also asked artificial intelligence about it.

5 tips for trips by plane and behind planes

Do you want to fly somewhere, but you don't feel like taking a longer flight outside the country? Or are you attracted by unconventional places that are worth visiting? You can also find such in...

Supermarine Spitfire: an elegant but effective weapon

The iconic fighter with an unmistakable silhouette became a legend thanks to its merits during the Second World War. That's why we didn't hesitate for a moment and put this unique machine on our t-shirts. But what is the story of this plane?

Interview on the runway: Petr Uhlíř

He was almost an architect. Already during the first pilot training, however, Petr Uhlíř felt that instead of drawing, he was more drawn to the rams. Today, he most often sits in the cockpit of a bizjet. He also has two veterans in the hangar that he takes care of in his spare time. We bring you the first part of the series Interview on the runway with pilot Petr Uhlíř.

Meet: Vlastimil Kotisa, founder of B2F

I remember that day like it happened yesterday. I'm a month away from my eleventh birthday. Amazed by all the buttons and levers, I set off from Aeroklub Vyškov for my first flight in a small plane. I get this life experience from my parents as an early birthday present.