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Our approach


We produce everything with respect and love for craftsmanship in the Czech Republic

To maintain the highest possible quality, all of our products are hand-made in  The Czech Republic, where we have the opportunity to be part of the production process. From fabric selection, cut design, design creation to production itself and final product inspection. Up to 10 people with many years of experience are involved in the production of each piece of our clothing, who carefully check every detail and add a piece of their heart. We are proud to be able to support this beautiful craft, which has at least the same in the Czech Republic  a valuable past and tradition such as aviation.


We select the best from the heart of Europe

We place high demands on materials. They must be stable both in color and shape, so we first test all fabrics to make sure that they will still be in excellent condition even after many washes. We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our materials, so even when we are already using specific ones, we are constantly testing and comparing new ones, from current and new suppliers. Through this process, we verify that our selection was correct, or we receive subjects for innovation and quality improvement. 


We emphasize even the smallest details

Our goal is not to produce ordinary clothes, of which there are many everywhere , but on the contrary to create unique works with their cut, design and details. One of the first functional products we produced in collaboration with a number of pilots is a polo shirt that allows them to carry out their daily tasks more comfortably.  mission.

When designing this product, we started with a clean sheet of paper and a clear vision to produce a unique piece of clothing in which every pilot will feel not only comfortable, but also efficient at the same time. We tried to take into account everything essential, from the choice of the type of fabric to minimize sweating, the design of the cut, which will allow comfortable movement in the cockpit of the plane, to the range of accessories  such as an ID pocket or the ability to attach rank badges.

Before we were completely satisfied with the result, we went through countless options and really paid attention to every detail. Little things like stitching or buttons play an important role for us, and that's why we do everything according to our own ideas in the highest possible quality.