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5 tips for trips by plane and behind planes

Vojenské letadlo na dráze

Do you want to fly somewhere, but you don't feel like taking a longer flight outside the country? Or are you attracted by unconventional places that are worth visiting? You can also find such in the Czech Republic. We bring you 5 tips that will delight not only all pilots, but also aviation enthusiasts.

South Moravian certainty that will not disappoint amateurs or experienced pilots

The aviation museum in Kunovice is located not far from the local airport and you can see dozens of Czech (respectively Czechoslovak) and foreign machines , including the legendary ZX-1 - the invisible "STEALTH" airplane. In addition to regular and guided tours, a rich program awaits you during the summer.

Pay tribute to RAF pilots and see for yourself the legend called the Spitfire

Near the airport in Jihlava, you will find a village with the appropriate name of Větrný Jeníkov. It houses a unique museum dedicated to Czechoslovak airmen who served in the famous RAF. It was founded and operated by the Czech Spitfire Club, so the museum also features this famous British fighter , which you can also find on our T-shirts .

Visit the oldest military airport in the Czech Republic and its museum

The military airport near Cheb in West Bohemia (and close to the current operational Cheb airport , which allows landings) was established in 1917 and its history is commemorated in a nearby museum . In it you will find, among other things, various models of airplanes or perhaps part of the fuselage of the Hansa - Branderburg C1 aircraft.

František Peřina, South Moravian hero

Morkůvky, an inconspicuous village in southern Moravia between Boleradice Airport and Kraví Hora Airport , houses a museum of the famous lieutenant general and native of Mokrův, František Peřina. The exhibition will introduce you to both his life and his career as a pilot and wartime aviation experience. However, the museum is only open on Sundays, so plan your trip well. And don't forget to equip yourself with a stylish hat .

Go to Prague, the paradise of all aircraft enthusiasts

In the grounds of the historic military airport in Kbely (which, by the way, was the first Czechoslovak air base) you will find a unique aviation museum - its collections are among the largest in Europe. Moreover, a large part of the airplanes on display are among the world's uniques, so you should not miss a visit. You can also find part of the exhibition in neighboring Letňany, where other aviation technology awaits you in the area of ​​the old Aerovka, including bombers and modern airplanes manufactured by the company Aero.

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