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This is what the airports of the future look like. They were created by artificial intelligence

Letiště budoucnosti podle umělé inteligence

Have you ever wondered what airports will look like in the future? We asked ourselves this question. Actually, not only to myself. We also asked artificial intelligence about it.

Where artificial intelligence already works everywhere

The possibilities of using artificial intelligence are still growing. It has already found its way, for example, into the healthcare sector. There, for example, it helps doctors check X-ray images more accurately and thereby better diagnose findings on the lungs .

Designers, architects, graphic artists and other creative people have also found popularity in artificial intelligence. With it, they can perhaps find new inspiration or lay the foundation for their own project.

The creation of fantasy worlds or surrealistic portraits has also become a recent trend. Thanks to the freely accessible Midjourney service, you can generate anything from a post-apocalyptic city to animal hybrids to an image of Donald Trump and Michael Jackson flying on a giant hot dog.

Curves and towers

We let artificial intelligence create samples of the airports of the future . We played around with the results and adjusted the light and color slightly. However, the designs themselves are completely the product of AI (artificial intelligence).

How close do you think these pictures are to reality? Will we be landing a plane at one of these airports in a few years?

Personally, we are inclined to the fact that architecture could really develop in a similar direction. And some modern airports actually look almost like that even today.

Artificial intelligence and the airport of the futureModern design of the airport of the futureAirport from the futureThe airport of the future according to MidjourneyThe airport of the future according to AIAirport model of the futureAirport of the future according to artificial intelligenceA view of a possible airport of the futureA demonstration of the airport of the future

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